100% In House Financing! No Banks.

Cars, Trucks & SUVs From $1,000 Down. Your Job is Your Credit.

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Hello, my name is John and I’ll be brief… I’ve worked for a few used car dealerships out here in Houston, TX for nearly 15 years. I know nearly everything about used car financing both In House and Buy Here Pay Here.

I started www.jkamalcars.com with the ambition of making the approval process for car shoppers with bad credit or no credit easy and bs free. And it starts with saving you a lot of time.

Because let’s face it: being on the market for a car sucks. You spend days researching the right car, right price, right monthly payment, checking out dealership reviews, and it’s worse if you have bad credit or no credit at all.

Maybe you have a voluntary repo (repossession) because you were sold a lemon, or an involuntary repo due to being out of work, or a nasty divorce. Maybe a bankruptcy. Maybe you’re a first time car buyer and don’t know where to start.

Whatever… At the end of the day we all have busy lives and nobody wants to spend hours sitting at a car lot waiting for the Salesman to give you approval results. This is the same Salesman who promised you the world and told you over the phone that everything would be okay. You called a few dealerships during your research phase, and he was the sweetest talker. Yet right now you’re here, and he’s getting your credit ran all over the place with third party banks spread throughout the country using your credit score and an algorithm to decide whether you’re approved or not. Meanwhile customers are coming in and out of the dealership and you’re just there.

He later comes back asking you if you can find a cosigner, or propose a ridiculous amount of down payment. The same amount that could have bought you a decent used car for cash. And that’s how the story goes…

Okay this is getting too long so let me just end it with this…

We’re not special. And we do not approve everybody for a car either.
But we seriously get the job done if you meet these following requirements:

-Driver License or State ID ✅ (Texas only)
-Min Income of $1,500 ✅ (after taxes & rent)
-At least 3 months on your job ✅ (this is negotiable)
-No Open Bankruptcy ⛔ (has to be close or discharged)
-No Open Car Loans ⛔ (this is also negotiable depending on the situation)
-No Job Letters / Cash Income ⛔ (unless you have bank statement showing cash deposits)

Along with as little as $1,000 Down. $1,500 if you have had a recent repo. You only have $1,000 to put down? Let’s work out a deferment for you to come back with the rest later. We do our best to work with you.

Best of luck to you!

John Kamal
Sales & Finance Manager